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Training Services

In today’s world, networking is the most important factor to stay connected and in touch, with our businesses around the world, with family, friends and what not. To make such strong and reliable connections around the world, and to understand how to make them more strong, robust and efficient, we have to wrap ourselves around the real world networking concepts to understand that.

This Modern era of networking is not solely about the manual work aspects that are to be considered, everything around the world is getting automated, helping companies and organizations work more efficiently without worrying about the employee overhead and human errors.

The merger of networking with automation is the most efficient and reliable way to build, maintain, monitor and support all sorts of big networks around the world.

Sanguine Infotech Pvt. Ltd., alongside providing managed and professional services also provide training services and make the students industry ready by teaching them concepts with reference to the real world scenarios, which helps in getting more clarity.

We Kick-start your Networking and Devnet Careers by providing the correct ignition to the students and make them fully qualified to work with even experienced professionals.

This can all be achieved by anyone who has the right passion, curiosity and love for the networking world. With the help of our industry experienced and cisco certified teaching faculty, we have categorized the networking concepts and technologies based on the difficulty level one might go through and also the studying hours that has to be put in consistently to gracefully finish the respective course.

The categories are:

We have an innovative approach in making the student’s fundamental and core networking knowledge rock solid, by providing them with:

  • Mock Interviews

    To enhance their self-confidence and make them industry ready by having an interactive practical lab interview with our experts and posing real-world questions to give them a vision of how the things actually work.

  • Instructor Workbooks

    By providing our students with practical workbooks which include numerous practical labs along with their explanations so that students can get the most out of it and acquire a strong technical approach towards real-life configuration and troubleshooting scenarios.

  • 24x7 Networking

    To enhance the students understanding and to solidify their skillsets, we have our associate to expert level practical labs placed on cloud environments, so that students can access whenever they want with the provided public IP, and can play around with topologies, configure or troubleshoot preconfigured real world network topologies.