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On-boarding Support

Every enterprise today must support a rapidly proliferating world of devices and platforms.  From an operational view point, this shouldn’t pose an obstruction of workflows and productivity. An effective plan for secure network on-boarding will on one hand improve end-user experience for BYOD, IoT, users and guests and on the other hand improve IT security as part of a layered protection strategy.

Leveraging and implementing our on-boarding service in a correct, repeatable way will help you achieve business objectives such as:

  • Increasing end-user satisfaction

    Instead of hassling end-users with company’s on-boarding procedures, the whole process can and should be seamless.

  • Decreasing the risks

    Unmanaged, unpatched, high-risk devices should be blocked or connected from the beginning to a separate segment of the network from where the key corporate assets are stored.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Involves network resource configuration for the purposes of supporting any given service for the perfect alignment with day-to-day additional changes.

Ensure the seamless implementation and adoption of Sanguine On-Boarding Support Service across your enterprise. Our professional project managers and expert consultants will guide you through everything you need from business analysis and deployment planning to implementation and global roll out. Whether you have one business unit or many, are regional or global, you can rely on our professional services organization to deliver a large-scale and customized Sanguine On-Boarding implementation program that perfectly aligns to your marketing and business objectives.

We enhance your on-boarding process by:

  1. Putting business goals first: Our clients and their business goals take priority. It’s great to have technology tools and processes in place, but understanding business goals – client acquisition, employee efficiency – can ensure the on-boarding process is in line with what matters to clients’ bottom lines.
  2. Creating a standardized process: No one wants to undergo a 30 or 50 step on-boarding process. Yet it’s important to ensure that appropriate security stages – monitoring, patching and maintenance, to name a few – are in place to protect you and your customer alike. Streamlining a multi-step on-boarding process is key to getting customers configured easily.
  3. Setting expectations with customers: Placing our clients on specific service plans allows them to receive high-quality, high-value services according to a plan, and this also makes it easier for an MSP like us to communicate. Setting clear expectations and delivering to those expectations is a time-proven key to success.
  4. Making security a priority: Our Customers are made aware of security best practices and how adapting a multi-layered defence is the strongest approach to protecting their users, devices and data. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security, we have the solutions available and are in the best position to protect our clients from an ever growing and advanced threat landscape.
  5. Putting reports in place from Day 1: Continuing to prove the value of our managed services, we start by showing a regular report of what has been accomplished (what you’ve patched, what malware you’ve caught). This gives you peace of mind, shows your effectiveness and can tie back to the business goals.

Client Benefits

  • Smooth business operations.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Maintaining consistent service levels.

A smooth on-boarding sets the foundation for up-sell opportunities, network optimization, project work, customer growth strategies and more. In other words, effective on-boarding is the beginning of a beautiful relationship built on the business goals of MSPs and their customers.