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Performance Management

Take Your NOC Team’s Performance to the Next Level

Managing the performance of the network and the applications that run across it requires the ability to collect, monitor, analyse, visualize, and report on data about every conversation and business transaction. You must be able to understand and correlate network resource utilization by device, user, and application to ensure business needs are met.

Today’s NOC teams face tremendous pressure to stop IT infrastructure incidents before they happen. NOC teams must ensure that an organization can meet assorted business and technical requirements at all times. On the other hand, NOC teams typically possess limited time and resources. These teams thus must act quickly to limit the risk of downtime and outages.

Sanguine Infotech provides a performance management solution that empowers NOC/SOCs with actionable intelligence end-to-end across all domains, functions and vendors reducing complexity and proactively enabling problems to be resolved before they impact quality.

  • Improve real-time application performance

    Real-time applications have redefined the world around us. As convenient as these applications are, they place demand on the networking team to ensure they work well. Visibility into the performance of these applications is critically important.

  • Troubleshooting network performance problems

    Determining the root cause of network performance issue without the right level of visibility and reporting can be very difficult and time-consuming. Sanguine Infotech case study shows how network traffic analytics should be used in conjunction with packet capture to investigate and quickly remediate network issues for its best performance.

  • Application performance management

    Layer 7 application visibility is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have for network operations teams. Applications are the lifeblood of any organization, and every user expects a positive experience anytime and anywhere they connect. When application performance matters, Sanguine provides the visibility you need.

Sanguine Infotech Performance management solutions use a strategic approach to creating and sustaining improved performance in the network operations centre, leading to an increase in the effectiveness of companies.

  • Planning

    We develop a performance plan that directs the employee’s efforts toward achieving specific results to support organizational excellence and employee success.

  • Checking-in

    We provide a framework to ensure employees achieve results through coaching and mutual feedback.

  • Review

    We review the employee’s performance against expected objectives, as well as the means used and behaviours demonstrated in achieving those objectives and help you establish new objectives for the next performance period.

The elements of a good performance-management system are simple, but integrating them into a business’s fundamental operating system is more difficult than it seems.

Client Benefits

  • Smooth business operations.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Maintaining consistent service levels.