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API Vulnerability Detection

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become a critical part of almost every business. However, given the sensitive data being transferred through APIs, it’s critical to secure them. Increasingly sophisticated attacks occur every year, requiring better security controls and monitoring.

Businesses should not think about API security as a mere afterthought—they should inculcate the security best practices in the product development process. Implementing and maintaining API security is an exhaustive process. With the advent of scalable architectures like micro services, controlling access to APIs, and the sensitive data they serve has become more cumbersome.

Make your API application secure from vulnerabilities. Sanguine API scanner (S-API) is an automated API vulnerability tester that uses API relevant OWASP top 10 security risks to provide your company with:

  • Complete Automation

    Sanguine API Scanner can load and process the latest API for vulnerability detection.

  • Safe environment

    Our scanner tests the APIs to detect vulnerabilities within the API. The developer can use this information to fix the vulnerabilities and make the APIs safe and secure.

  • Continuous security

    S-API scanner allows testing to be performed every time the API is changed providing developers with quick results to make timely changes.

API testing can be considered as testing the server-side of an application inside out. Our fully automated scanners perform a complete analysis of web servers, database and its implementation for all components on the server that interact with your mobile app.

Testing your APIs for security vulnerabilities is essential if they are meant to be made available publicly on the internet. A large number of attacks can be used to compromise your API and its infrastructure with severe consequences if they succeed, ensuring that your API is not vulnerable needs to be in the mind of all involved roles during an APIs lifecycle.

Receive 24×7 access to a team of Vulnerability management experts backed by a large and robust knowledge base of known vulnerabilities to help detect and validate risks across your web applications and APIs by:

  • Healthy Start: Our on boarding team proactively works with you to help ensure a successful start.
  • Deep Scanning: Our service covers all apps on your perimeter, internally and under development.
  • Support Compliance: We support your compliance regarding the security of internet-facing web applications.
  • Quick Analysis: Dynamic analysis in a next-generation network sandbox shows exactly what files will do.

Often the root cause for a security vulnerability lies in the source code itself. Many modern static-code analysis tools have basic support for detecting these kinds of errors – and there are more specialized tools available which we will provide you with. Detected errors should be given a high priority and the analysis should be part of automated build and test processes – so that corresponding errors are detected immediately

Client Benefits

  • Track remediation workflow easily
  • Access information security experts 24x7x365
  • Less to no employee overhead with efficient and productive outcomes.
  • Supplement your team with dedicated PCI vulnerability management experts.