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Managed Micro-segmentation products

Granulated control over workloads, wherever they reside.

Traditional firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and other security systems are designed to inspect and secure traffic coming into the data centre in a north-south direction. Micro segmentation gives companies greater control over the growing amount of east-west or lateral communication that occurs between servers, bypassing perimeter-focused security tools. If breaches occur, micro segmentation limits potential lateral exploration of networks by hackers.

Sanguine Infotech micro-segmentation solution enables deep application dependencies mapping and policy enforcement ensuring an ongoing management process of your micro-segmentation policy. We also deliver industry’s most complete and flexible solution for micro-segmentation, featuring the following key attributes:

  • Discover Application Dependencies to Reduce Attack Surface

  • Secure Critical Applications

  • Ensure Compliance

Flexible policy engine simplifies creation and deployment of segmentation rules, with micro segmentation, our IT professionals can tailor security settings to different types of traffic, creating policies that limit network and application flows between workloads to those that are explicitly permitted.

Micro-segmentation comes with features such as:

  • Wide Coverage: Sanguine Infotech applies micro-segmentation policies anywhere your applications run, today or tomorrow, spanning public, private or hybrid cloud environments.
  • In-Depth Visibility: Our micro-segmentation tool for application discovery and dependencies mapping allows you to understand the full context of application dependencies before defining micro-segmentation security policies.
  • Natural workflow: We provides a simple workflow from mapping application dependencies to suggesting and setting rules, so you understand their impact before applying to traffic.
  • Granulated Policies: Our micro-segmentation tool allows you to set and enforce “process-level” rules to tightly control flows between application components, resulting in the strongest security posture.

Client Benefits

  • Less to no employee overhead with efficient and productive outcomes
  • Expert response to threats and health issues
  • Satisfy compliance regulations by generating customized reports
  • Performance, availability and policy management
  • Operational Efficiency is achieved by defining fine-grained segments which help in centralizing network segmentation policy and reduces the number of firewall rules needed.