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Vulnerability Management

The challenge of dealing with cybersecurity vulnerabilities, exploits, and threats is that they are always changing. Every day, new vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered, which then prompt attackers to create new cyber threats that take advantage of them. Vulnerability management processes, such as vulnerability testing and patch management, are crucial for blunting new cybersecurity threats as they arise.

Understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first with Sanguine Infotech.

Quickly absorb our proprietary threat intelligence into a fully managed process to help detect unknown exploits in your network, devices, servers, web applications, databases, or other assets.

  • Discover

    Active scanning, agents, passive monitoring integrations provide unified visibility and a continuous view of all of your assets—both known and previously unknown.

  • Assess

    With wide coverage of various vulnerabilities, Sanguine has the industry’s most extensive security configuration support to help you understand all of your exposures.

  • Prioritize

    Combine vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science for easy-to-understand risk scores to quickly assess risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first.

Leverage our services for continuous Authenticated Scanning of Your Vulnerability Management Solution.

Our Vulnerability management services include: