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Integration Support

Enterprises Can Gain Significant Efficiencies and Increased Effectiveness through NOC/SOC Integration, approximately 80% of organizations with a security operations centre (SOC) also have a network operations centre (NOC). While these two groups ultimately serve different functions for an enterprise, significant overlaps do exist and SOCs and NOCs will typically need to collaborate in the event of an incident or emergency.

Both NOCs and SOCs have incident response teams, call centres and monitoring. Both centres work hard to assure the integrity and availability of enterprise IT assets. Given this list of redundancies, it would behove many organizations to consider blending their NOC and SOC into an integrated operations centre, or IOC.

  • Organizational

    Cross-correlating, pattern identification from shared NOC/SOC monitoring tools, triage and collaboration

  • System

    Standard operating procedures, process integration and service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Asset

    Shared use of a common information aggregator that collects all of the pertinent network monitoring data and logs and distributes it through integrated tools and dashboards

Creating a cohesive integrated operations centre can be accomplished with our security integration platform that acts as the unifying fabric for the NOC and SOC. Applying security integration and orchestration this way brings together the various technologies and processes used by both functions to streamline day-to-day activities, resolve incidents faster and centralize collaboration.

The S-IOC Platform’s unique design ensures skilled NOC experts have all the data they need to make:

  • Meaningful correlations.
  • Reduce response and resolution times
  • Achieve SLA and SLO windows.

Whether you’re integrating your existing monitoring tools or need direct monitoring, our platform keeps your infrastructure and business running 24x7x365.

Sanguine IOC combines end-to-end technical and operational expertise into an outstanding service package, we support complex optical network connecting multiple data centres with a level of organization and process efficiency.

S-IOC service has proven to be streamlined, painless and delivers smooth transitioning into excellent ongoing 24x7x365 support.

Client Benefits

  • Smooth business operations.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Maintaining consistent service levels.
  • Operational Efficiency