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IPS/IDS Management

Maximize ROI with Expert Guidance

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention appliances are a critical component of a company’s security environment. Given the speed at which the global threat landscape changes, getting the most out of an IDS/IPS investment requires a significant amount of daily work. An organization’s needs change, an IPS/IDS requires adjustments of configurations and signatures. Organizations without the staff expertise to keep IDS/IPS devices updated often struggle to get the most value out of their cybersecurity investments.

Sanguine Infotech allows you to accelerate effectiveness of Firewall Management with our:

  • Threat Hunting Expertise

  • Increasing threat efficacy

  • Expanding visibility

Our holistic view of the global threat landscape gives you access to unmatched Threat Intelligence.

We provide:

  • 24×7 intrusion detection monitoring and management.
  • Eliminate the burden of IDS/IPS operational duties from your staff.
  • Produce globalized view of ever-evolving threat landscape.

Bolster Your Security with Indispensable, Fully Managed Tools for Monitoring and Threat Remediation by accelerating your IDS/IPS Investment with Expertise and Threat Visibility.

Sanguine IDS/IPS solution provides administration and monitoring of a client’s IPS/IDS infrastructure on a 24*7 basis, backed by the power of our threat platform. We provide An effective solution that monitors the activity in your network, identifies events that may pose a security risk, stops malicious attempts before they happen

  • Predictive technology
  • Holistic threat intelligence
  • Automated remediation action

Client Benefits

  • Less to no employee overhead with efficient and productive outcomes
  • Expert response to threats and health issues
  • Expert IPS tuning
  • Satisfy compliance regulations by generating customized reports
  • Performance, availability and policy management
  • Real-time insights into security and health monitoring