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Managed Anomaly Detection products

Boost your business systems’ reliability with early problem detection

Anomaly detection has been a long-standing security approach with versatile applications, ranging from securing server programs in critical environments, to detecting insider threats in enterprises, to anti-abuse detection for online social networks. Despite the seemingly diverse application domains, anomaly detection solutions share similar technical challenges, such as how to accurately recognize various normal patterns, how to reduce false alarms, how to adapt to concept drifts, and how to minimize performance impact.

They also share similar detection approaches and evaluation methods, such as:

  • Feature Extraction

  • Dimension Reduction

  • Experimental evaluation

Anomalies can be detected in many different ways using different strategies and indicators, and also the anomaly detection requirements may change easily when the collected data changes, it is thus important to be able to flexibly work with the anomaly detection logic. In particular, operators should be able to quickly modify the data and the strategy used to detect anomalies.

Our Anomaly Detection Solution is a ‘Domain independent’ solution which runs a variety of Algorithms to check data anomalies and also learns with time, based on the Algorithm’s efficiency.

Sanguine Infotech monitors all your data in real time for lightning-fast detection of the incidents that impact your revenue.

Sanguine Anomaly detection product provides you with:

  • Complete high-definition coverage, in real time
  • Fastest incident detection and correlation
  • Only the alerts you need, when you need them: Leave alert storms, false positives and false negatives behind. Sanguine’s autonomous anomaly detection learns the normal behaviour of every metric to distil billions of data events into the single, scored, spot-on anomaly alerts that you need to know about right now.
  • Know what’s coming: Sanguine works on data streams in real-time to provide forecasts in the moment, so that your operation is optimized for every future scenario.

Client Benefits

  • 24×7 security and monitoring in real time.
  • On-demand security compliance and reporting.
  • Less to no employee overhead with efficient and productive outcomes.