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SLA Management

It’s not just a service, it’s your reputation.

SLA Management is a vital process for every IT service provider organization in that it is responsible for agreeing and documenting service level targets and responsibilities within SLAs and service level requirements (SLRs) for every service and related activity within IT.

If these targets are appropriate and accurately reflect the requirements of the business, then the service delivered by the service providers will align with business requirements and meet the expectations of the customers and users regarding service quality.

Sanguine SLA management services (SLA-MS) broadly provides the following service:

  • Management

    Sanguine SLA-MS manages the expectations and perceptions that are held by the businesses, customers, and users and makes sure that the services are provided according to those expectations.

  • Versatility

    Our emphasis ranges from the services being presently delivered, the services which are being newly designed or modified to producing and agreeing on the service level requirements for these services.

  • Surety

    Sanguine SLA-MS makes sure that every IT service presently being provided and planned for the future is delivered as per the previously agreed upon service level targets.

The purpose of the SLA-MS is to ensure that all current and planned IT services are delivered to agreed achievable targets. This is accomplished through a constant cycle of

  • Negotiating
  • Agreeing
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting on and reviewing IT service targets and achievements
  • Instigation of actions to correct or improve the level of service delivered.

We provide support for all three most common types of SLA’s:

  • Service-based SLAs: Delivering support to a specific IT service
  • Customer-based SLAs: Supporting all IT services which are delivered to a specific customer.
  • Multi-level SLAs: Supporting all different levels of combinations of SLA’s in an organisation.

SLA isn’t just a guideline, it’s a contract, so you need to actively manage to the terms of your SLAs. Sanguine SLA Management automatically prioritizes, tracks, and reports on the information you need to deliver on efficiently by showing you which customer devices are supported, whether technicians are tracking their time correctly, when renewals are due, and how much time is left on an agreement.

Client Benefits

  • Smooth business operations.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Maintaining consistent service levels.
  • Operational Efficiency